COVID-19: Setback or opportunity?

There is nothing a little creativity and planning can't do to turn "self-isolation" or quarantine from a stressful inconvenience into an opportunity to get back on track.

I was one of those people that was a little *freaked out* early on, two or three weeks ago, about COVID-19. Since the University of Georgia has closed their doors for two weeks, and the local government has begun to take action, everyone has fallen into a panic. 

“So, it really is that serious.”

People seem to be experiencing the same anxiety as I did weeks ago. I can understand that. This epidemic comes with a lot of uncertainty.

Will the government establish a quarantine?

What about my job? 

What will I do stuck inside for the next few weeks?

We don’t know how long this will last or how bad it will get. Companies and universities are still working on response plans for how to go remote, or how to help their employees get by during these uncertain times.

One thing is for certain: nothing good comes from panic. There is nothing a little creativity and planning can’t do to turn “self-isolation” or quarantine from a stressful inconvenience into an opportunity to get back on track with your goals.

Here’s my game plan for the next month. I’m already busy following through on the first few steps!

  1. Cover my bases. Get an emergency supply of food and water. Contact utilities companies to find out their responses to COVID-19. Some power companies like Georgia Power are forgiving late payments, a Godsend if your income is being affected by the epidemic. Likewise, certain Internet providers are offering free service to aid workers and students required to “go remote.”
  2. Designate my time. Most likely, your regular routine has taken a hit. It is time to make a new one. First on the list: preparation. Organize your emergency supplies, and offer assistance to elderly community members with errands. Be sure to protect your own health while doing so, washing your hands and wearing a mask if you have one. Next, tackle those lingering household chores that you’ve put off for the past month. This sense of order and purpose will do wonders to reduce anxiety.
  3. Set 30-day goals. What have you always wanted to do, but never have had the time for within your regular routine? Maybe it’s reading a book. Maybe, it’s a business or work-related goal. If so, set your larger goal first, then outline the steps you need to take today, and this week to reach it. A good organizer is Trello. You can do it!
  4. Take care of your physical health. Do not let the coming weeks make you into a couch potato! The gym may be closed, but there are plenty of body weight workouts you can do at home. Try not to gorge on snacks out of boredom. Creating a solid routine will help keep you engaged and purposeful in the coming weeks. 

Follow these steps, and set yourself up for success after self-isolation and quarantine come to an end. 

Remember, this too shall pass.

How are you making the most of your time during COVID-19 quarantine? 

Leave a comment below!

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